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Saturday, January 24, 2009

finally, we managed to get all the babies with their letters!! A little while ago it struck me that all the babies this year had names that started with either a, b, c or d. I thought it would be cute to each sew them their own fabric letter. The hard part was getting all the babies together on the same day and awake! I love how it turned out and it was so cute to watch :) Maybe we can try it again when they're five? hehe :)

so, here we have it:

Abbie + Bronte + Caden + Dylan


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous Aimee! Was so cute and funny at the time trying to get them all looking at the same time! Would be cute to do again when they are all sitting!! Renae x

Chantelle said...

That's sooooo cute Aims. You've taken great shots of all the little darlings. Def. have to do it again. x

HH said...

How cute is that? Awesome idea. Sitting would be gorgeous as well. It's hard enough getting two to look at the same time, let alone 4!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous photo Aimee. They are all adorable.Love the scenery in the background hey!

Erica said...

Wow, what a neat idea! Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

aww there so cute i think it would be cool to get them all back there 18 with there pillows and take the same pics would be funny too:-) good job =APRIL=