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Sunday, November 2, 2008

on the weekend my digital camera body was stolen and my Lomo LCA was taken as well as a heap of other things...the blog will be on temporary hiatus while i build up my collection of camera things again...its really upsetting because i worked hard for these cameras and really enjoy using them...lucky they didn't take my lens, there were only a couple photos on my digital and my lomo only had about 3 photos on it so far, on black and white film.
all things happen for a reason, and i guess it just makes you more appreciative of the things you do have, and how careful you should be with the things that are valuable. its also a reminder of how quickly material things can slip through your fingers. hopefully we can sort it out and i can get back to taken many more memories! xx


HH said...

Oh Aimee, I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to you. I really enjoyed looking at your photography, which is sooo good. I hope you get what's been stolen back again, whether yours returned or replaced. It's so sad when something you've worked hard for gets ripped away from you in a flash. Glad you didn't have too many photos on them either. Hope you can start clicking again soon!

Erica said...

Hi Aimee,
Sorry to hear that your camera's got stolen. I love your photography style and hope you can get a new camera soon so you can keep up the great work; hope you don't mind me checking out your blog :-)
Also, just wondering where you get your film photos developed?
Erica vdschaaf

aimee said...

hi erica,
i don't mind you looking at all - hopefully in a couple weeks there will actually be something to look at! i usually get my photos developed at camera house in freo - they will develop and print for about $10 and put it on a cd for an extra $2 :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, your new camera arrived tonight at 6.00pm. Hope to see you tommorrow to pick it up. P.S we are having lamb roast for dinner as well! Things are looking up...:)
Tims mum xx