Sunday, October 12, 2008

i've been having quite a bit of fun with my camera..as you can see! i haven't sorted out a watermark for my photos yet because everything's a bit messy but i'll get one on the pictures soon...these are just a selection of photos that i've taken over the last week or so - hope you enjoy! just some pretty flowers

this is one of my favourite photos to date - isn't she lovely!
katie with dylan :)
the latest little one - bronte shenae vander schaaf - such a cutie :)


Luke Hesketh said...

Hey aimee, thanks for the comment. You have some awesome photos here! Don't stop using the lomo now you have a dslr though!
I have just been looking at your album from when you were in tassie, it is really cool. I was hoping you caught me in a photo somewhere and I could use it as a profile pic :P

Anyway, hope you are having fun with your new d80!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos, the one of Nicole is just gorgeous!