the happenings of march

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

These photos are a random lomographic collection...hope you enjoy them :)
Eden is a sweetie :) The boys decided that it would be fun to 'fish' in pop and nanna's dam...they had lots of fun with their stick fishing rods and kept begging me - 'can you tie double knot please?'

Carmen and Eden
Emma and Carmen
here's the photo you wanted to see em - it turned out real nice :)
the sisters! (minus connie)
this is a trick of photography - its been multiply exposed - the moonlight crossed with emma leaning against a brick wall


Anonymous said...

very nice photos Aimee
did the boys catch anything (haha)
i like the photo of Emma with the moon - very special

Chantelle said...

Cool photo's Aimee - was that using my film??
Love the ones of the boys and Eden looks very sweet!!


Gorgeous pics Aimee, i just love your style of photography.
Hope you dont mind me poppin in to say hi.
The pics of Chan boys are really cute.
Now that photo is not complete witout Connie lol, you will have to catch her another time, those photos are treasures and especially with 'Oma' on there too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee, finally got to check out those pickies you were talking about! I love all your photos actually..but the one of Eden and Carmen is awesome..I'd love a copy if you can?! Please?!
Love your work!
Jul B