black + white

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

chris and nicole and a loovveelly tree!
timezone cars are so much fun!
but shooting is so much better! phwoar check those muscles nicole!
driving driving driving
the mice come out to play
my mum makes a good sponge :)

these are peculiar pictures - one was supposed to be a dung beetle and the other one is a smoke ..very classy

isn't he cute :)


Chantelle said...

Very cool photo's. Love the black and white. The night photo 'the mice come out to play' is really good. Love the one of Liam peeking under the table. Keep up the great work. You should make a book of all your great photo's and get it printed. Go to to download program FREE. I just did it for my blog. Cool fun!! See you soon xx

Christine said...

Awesome photos Aimee!! Can't wait to see the wedding ones. we had a great ole time didn't we? it was great to get to know you :) be calling in to see the next lot soon! love Christine x

nicole said...

i love the one of tim in the middle of the street under the moon. it is PERFECT. send it in to a comp. or frankie. and leave a little of yourself in the next issue's pages. YEAH. thats my idea. you can doooo it just like nike did. without the sweatshops.