port gregory 2007/2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

salt lake at sunset
silva :)
salt lake

the fish
spotted a dolphin
jetty at sunset
clozza and tozza :)
salt lake

tori off the jetty
big fishies :)

early in the morning

ye olde jetty

bad moon rising

good old lomo

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Katie said...

gday sis
luv your blog work.
looks like some good times were had by all.
can't wait to be up there on tha beach with u guys again. so many memories. great camera too.
i aspire to be a great blogger one day too :)
x katie

Chris Steenhof said...

I like it how you named it Aimee's "clog" instead of "blog"; good to see you're still staying true to your Dutch heritage. That dog is cool. And Aimee, I'm sorry about my "lame-ography" comment beforehand; this is far from it. If there is such a thing as lameography, then your lomography is on the other end of the spectrum! And I like that dog, it looks cool.