Thursday, January 3, 2008

these photos were taken on my lomo (slomo, glomo, piece of junk, whatever you want to call it)
its a bit of a mixed bag - from fishing off jetties to eating gigantic steak burgers and dancing in lifts - its all there

fishing off the jetty in port gregory..ah, the days :) (more of this sort to come, gotta get the film developed)

YUMMO! "and no one else is getting a bite!!!!"

me and liam (pre steak burger) at occy's for brudda and sista craig and renae's' burdays :)

show us ya bum why don't ya..typical..must be related ;)

we looked all over for parking that did not require a ticket (being v. stingy but come on, poor uni student here) and in our fruitless search stumbled upon this. beats having to pay for parking any time

mulitple exposures

"if we drive really fast we might make the sunset at the beach.."

"umm...why don't i just take a picture now :) "

teesh sampling some of craig's birthday cake (umm..can i question why the cupcakes for a 31 year old? :))

what do you do when you're in the lift with a lomo?
answer: pose!
note the look of sheer horror as we realised that the lift only works when you press the "up" button
i'd turned a bright shade of yellow at the sight of the bathrooms - and no, it wasn't out of happiness


Anonymous said...

Dont You just love my bum!? comments welcome...

Anonymous said...

tim, your bum is awesome! and yes, i just revealed your anonymousity. aimee, keep up the lovely, lovely, lovely (that is lovely times three!) photography! i stole the elevator ones off of the site and so they're now on my computer. hope you don't mind dearest! nicole xo